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Corporate Travel Policy - gain control of all your travel expenditure

Travelcorp understand that reducing business travel expenses is a challenge faced by all companies. Our experienced management team will work with you from the start to establish a best practice travel policy.

Tailoring a policy for your circumstances
Travel policies often need to accommodate different hierarchical levels within a company for maximum flexibility, assigning certain exemptions to individuals or utilising default policies for all travellers. This is designed to ensure that your travel expenditure is minimised by encouraging use of specific approved suppliers and classes of travel, as well as ensuring only authorised travel is booked.

Use our travel industry experience to develop a better company strategy

Travelcorp have established a Consultative Service for clients to assist in the assessment of their travel requirements. Our management team consists of senior executives from various travel segments who bring with them over 70 years of experience in the private sector, airline, car rental, hotel industry and other industry related bodies. We will assess your current position against industry best practice, identifying your company’s long-term objectives and provide a robust strategy to achieve these goals.

How Travelcorp helps you achieve best practice travel policy
1. Benchmarking and developing
Travelcorp will help you benchmark your financial arrangements with domestic and international carriers, hotels and other travel related providers. We will then assist in the customisation and development of your new corporate travel policy.

2. Implementing and training users
Once this process is completed, we will assist in the implementation and management of your new policy, including helping to train your users.

3. Adherence and monitoring
Our booking engine automatically tracks adherence to your travel policy, advising you of any bookings that deviate from it.

4. Auditing
Our account management team will conduct quarterly audits of your company's travel regulations and report any bookings that fall outside of these regulations to the applicable person.

Looking to create a best practice travel policy for your company?
If you would like to become a Travelcorp client or require advice on formulating or implementing your company's travel policy, we invite you to contact Alex Kouz on +61 (2) 9563-2999 or

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